Kevin and Nikki Rutz

Mark and Courtney Plunkett

Emily and Steve Lanter

Katie and Tim Yeadon

Jim and Megan Beckemeier

Jason and Jennifer Hackman

Susie and Ricky Meyer

Craig and Melodie Donatelli

Joe and Pat Clendenny

Carol Williams*

Kyle and Valerie Hubbard*

Pam Dixon*


Leslee and Matt Holliday

Erin and David Karandish

Rich McClure and Sharon Buchanan-McClure

Gary and Gale Dollar

Jennifer and Kevin Demoff

Kim and Tim Ezell

Spencer and Jodie Finney

Ben and Kate Stratton

Mick and Stephanie McIntyre*

Kelly and Shane Johnston*

Stephen and Sabrine Rhodes*

Brett and Molly Shelton*

Gabriel and Jan Hess


*Member of the Mission: St. Louis Board