Friday, September 15, 2017 • Ballpark Village • 6:30pm

Keynote Speaker

Chris Koster
Senior Vice President, Corporate Services, Centene
Former Attorney General

Gala Co-Chairs

Michael Gallagher, Managing Director, Accenture
Travis Sheridan, President, CIC Venture Cafe Global Institute

Host Committee

Rich McClure and Sharon Buchanan-McClure
Mick and Stephanie McIntyre
Nate and Catherine Merrick
John Mueller and Bodil Hartmann
Jack Oliver
Park and Kim Plank
Jeff Rainford
Stephen and Sabrine Rhodes
Jim and Elizabeth Schweppe
Brett and Molly Shelton
Robert and Lesa Steward
Pete Woods
Tim and Katie Yeadon

Barry and Jackie Albrecht
Jim and Megan Beckemeier
Jeremy and Amy Bedenbaugh
Denny and Bonnie Coleman
Fr. Chris Collins, SJ
Craig and Melodie Donatelli
Chris and Carol Elms
Spencer and Jodie Finney
Mike and Jan Gessel
Michael Holmes and Karla Morris-Holmes
Kyle and Valerie Hubbard
Shane and Kelly Johnston
David and Erin Karandish
Kevin and Maegan Lemp

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